Traveling alone can be the dream come true for many women who are willing want to explore the world. But there are very few women who have no fear of traveling alone and don’t think about security measures. So, when they travel alone, they will get the freedom to be on their own and also learn how to take care of themselves whenever the situation arises. The other advantage for them is that they will meet a lot of people while traveling and boost their confidence levels. Below are the best places to travel alone female.

Rome, Italy

Solo Female Travel In Europe - Your Gateway To A Life More Adventurous

Rome is known for its fashion, beautiful people with amazing food and romance. For female solo travelers, visiting this city would be better where they can see the ancient sites like Pantheon, Roman Forum and Coliseum. Even they can explore the varieties of pizzas and drinking sterile water from the city’s fountains. So, females can visit this city many times because of the city culture which has maintained in this Romae.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik is one of the safest places to travel alone in the world for solo female and ranked as the numero uno on the Global Peace Index which is reported by the Institute for economics and peace regarding peacefulness of regions and countries around the world. So, Reykjavik is best for day trips which displays Iceland’s Postcard- perfect attractions such as the Blue Lagoon and Northern Lights.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam Travel: Guide to Solo Travel in Amsterdam : As the Bird ...

Amsterdam is known as the best places to travel alone female where the city will safety for them. They can visit gorgeous canals, renowned museums, lovely bridges, and stunning architecture. In Amsterdam, females can party and enjoy the scenery of the European city, even there can be something to learn for every solo traveler’s taste in the Dutch capital.

Portland, Oregon, USA

Portland is one of the safest cities and places to travel alone in the USA where solo female travelers will not have any issues walking along the streets alone at night. So, Portland will attract the solo female travelers for the Art museum, Sapporo Bell and Pittock Mansion.

Apart from the above places, there are few other places to visit for Solo female travelers where they can enjoy themselves. However, the above places are the ideal cities to visit in their country where they get to learn a few things and also know about how to handle things better when the situation arises. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about best places to travel alone female. Thanks for reading!

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