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CAN’T MAKE PLANS FOR WEEKEND? Tired of making the same old plans? Movies? Lunch outs or Dinner? SOUNDS REALLY BORING AND MONOTONOUS!!
Weekend is the time to relax yourself from the hassle and chaos of passed week and of course preparing yourself for the race of the upcoming week.

We all are keen about exploring new things and places for our own reasons. Some want a peaceful environment to just sit aside and relax, some want a perfect place to click selfies and some really want to have a fun time.

Let’s do the OFF- ROADING
No wonder it’s really one different and adventurous thing we can do this weekend with our friends. Chillout Zone enables you to have the most exciting experience going Zoom with the car on the rough tracks at the chillout Zone adventure park. So you do not know to Drive but still want to have such an experience. NO WORRIES!! Chillout Zone has another option which is the Joy Ride for you.


Let’s Try the ZIP-LINE
Ever Felt your Adrenal rush? Trust me the feeling when climbing down with that harness is unbelievable. This weekend get Zip Zap Zoom with your adventure and go on with the zip-line. You will definitely have a once in a lifetime experience and no doubt this rush will make you try it on and on. Chillout Zone will definitely make sure that you go through this safe adventure in the most fun way.

Go for the PAINTBALL war
Paintball is the best anti-depressant for the ones who are going through anxiety issues and ofcourse one fun war to do with your friends. The anger and stress of the entire week gets relieved in this 30 mins game. I can bet you will feel on the top of the world. The paintball session at Chillout zone is one theme place where you feel rough and war filled.

Chill at our CAMP SIDE

As I mentioned above, this is one place to set down for the ones who want peace. Sit aside at our camp side and chill around the bon fire with some soft games and astronomy sessions. Even if you want such sessions, NO STRESS!! You can sit aside and relax. Chill out zone makes sure you have the most and safe experience with us.

Fresh, Chill and Rejuvenating Welcome Drink

There's absolutely nothing better than a glass of fresh and rejuvenating welcome drink, only on the entrance door of your adventure journey to increase your level of excitement and to thrill you all across your visit to the place full of Adventure, Fun, Greenery, Nature, Desi Swag and Swad from Chulha-Choka and delicious food of Café HR-12.
Few sips of cool and healthy drink gives an instant touch of refreshment. We offer our guests a perfect chilled Welcome Drink, so that it will instantly energize them and set the mood right for fun and adventure.