Vacations are fun, to say the least. Who could say otherwise? When you combine vacations with skiing however, you get something that is even more fun! With that being the case, it would most certainly be to your benefit to take a look at the various ski resorts around the world, and of course see what is available to you. Today we are going to discuss a few of the more popular ski resorts in Europe so that you might plan the vacation of a lifetime.

Italy — Italy is an extremely popular vacation destination, sitting between Africa and modern day Europe, you can be sure to experience a rich culture on your next vacation. There are a few ski resorts in the country, and we will be discussing two of them today:

Ski Piemonte (Piedmont) — Piedmont has excellent mountains which provides for a number of different winter sports. Because of the diversity of the slopes and mountains, it is no surprise that both beginners and experts alike have plenty of fun here. Piedmont has a total of 53 different ski resorts and 1300 kilometers of runs. In addition to being a great area, it was also the home of the 2006 Winter Olympics, which should tell you something about it’s viability as a ski resort.

Courmayeur(Mont Blanc) — Near Monte Bianco, or Monte Blanc, you will find an excellent ski resort with a maximum elevation of 2763 meters, sitting just 153 kilometers from the Turin airport. Overall, the skiing is more suited to the intermediate, but there are some more advanced runs. Those who are feeling adventurous can easily cross the border into France.

France — France will always be an extremely popular destination whether you want to view the incredible cityscapes or take a look at the breathtaking ski destinations. Skiing has truly become an international sport, and you can’t say you have conquered the tradition until you have slid upon the slopes of France.

Chamonix (Par of Mont Blanc) — This is a slightly different type of ski resort as it is capable of making its own snow. With 96 snow cannons it is more than capable of providing 23 kilometers of ski runs, allowing for a truly incredible experience. With the right lift pass, you can ski or snowboard through not only Chamonix, but several other ski resorts in the area.

Luchon (Superbagneres) — 35 kilometers of downhill skiing should be more than enough to attract most people, and with the majority of the skiing experiences existing above 2000 meters, there is always plenty of snow cover. The ski lift can lift up to 15,000 skiers per hour, ensuring that you won’t have any problem getting to the top.

Spain — A popular vacation destination on the Iberian peninsula, bordered by the Mediterranean sea. Many do not consider Spain to be a potential ski destination, but you will be surprised to learn that there are actually a few great resort areas.

Baqueria-Beret (Catalan Pyrenees) –– In Spain, this could easily be considered one of the largest and most popular resorts. There are slopes and courses here for individuals of all skill levels.

Formigal (Aragon Pyrenees) — This isn’t the most advanced course, and it isn’t the most lively at nighttime, but it does boast an excellent area for newcomers and families alike.

These are a few great skiing destinations and resorts that you might consider when you’re booking a trip to Europe. Now would be a great time to start planning your trip and making sure you have all your gear, especially your ski goggles and ski clothing ready for the trip!

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